6 Work Modes


   Message: C2 Mini can act as a Messenger device that supports "point to point" and "group chat" by texting in an off-grid environment.

  Live Tracking: When your mobile phone is connected to C2 Mini Master via Bluetooth, you can lively track the paired Tracker within transmission distance. Also, C2 Mini has the longest range in the off-grid products' industry.

 Beacon: The paired Tracker can send location information to Master Device at the configured interval.

 Location On Demand: The Master device won't receive any location information unless it demands it from the Tracker.

 Relay: Using the Relay function, the range of C2 Mini can possibly be doubled or tripled.

 6-Level Alarm: There is a six-axis accelerator sensor embedded to make the C2 Mini sensitive to motions.


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