C1 Messenger FAQ

What is Radacat's C1 Messenger(Radacat C1)?
Radacat C1 is a radio communication device that pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth. Radacat C1 allows you to send text messages, voice messages, and real-time location data to other Radacat users when cellular service is unavailable. The radio transmission range depends on the environment. In an open-air environment, the range is expected to reach up to 6km.

Can I see a team member's location via Radacat C1?
Your team member's real-time location will appear on your group chat channel map. The location information is automatically updated.
What is the Shake to Talk function?
The Shake to Talk function allows you to send voice messages by shaking your phone, even when your phone screen is locked.
Does everyone in my team need a Radacat C1?
Everyone in your team needs a Radacat C1.
Does everyone in my team need a phone? How do I use Radacat C1?
Everyone in your team needs a phone. Radacat C1 connects to your phone via Bluetooth. You can send your text or voice messages using the Radacat APP, and they will be sent from your Radacat C1 to others.
Do I need to pay a monthly fee?
It is your own private network. You do not need to pay for any fees other than the initial cost of purchasing the device.
Does Radacat C1 still work if there is no service?
Radacat C1 works without cell phone service.
Has Radacat C1 been approved by the FCC?
Yes, Radacat C1 has been approved by the FCC.
What is Radacat C1's battery life?
The battery lasts around 36 hours under normal service conditions. If you exit the Radacat APP or disable Bluetooth on your smartphone when you are not using the service, the battery life can last for weeks or even months.
Is Radacat C1 waterproof?
No, but it is designed to be weatherproof and water-resistant.
Is Radacat C1 dust-tight?

What kind of warranty do you provide?
Radacat C1 comes with a one-year limited warranty.
What is the radio Tx power of Radacat C1?
The radio Tx power of Radacat C1 is less than 1 watt.
What is the working frequency band of Radacat C1?
The frequency band in the USA and Canada is 902-928MHz. In Europe, the frequency is 868MHz. In Australia and New Zealand, the frequency band is 915-928MHz.
Why does my cell phone battery go down so quickly? Are there any ways to conserve my cell phone battery while using Radacat C1?
In places where the mobile phone's signal is weak, the mobile phone will automatically increase the transmission power it uses to contact the base station.

This results in the rapid consumption of the mobile phone battery. When using the C1 remotely, switching your cell phone to airplane mode and open Bluetooth may conserve battery life.  
Can you still see the GPS location of other team members when the receivers are out of range?
It depends. If your team member still has cell service, you will still team members' current location. If they do not have cellular service, their location will not be updated on your end.
Are the messages encrypted?
The messages are encrypted using proprietary protocols.
Is there any interoperability with other brand products?
The device cannot connect with products of other brands.
Is the battery rechargeable, and, if so, does it come with a charger?
The battery is rechargeable. It comes with a micro-USB cable. The package does not include a charger.
What kind of range can be expected?
The range of radio transmission is highly affected by the environment. Theoretically speaking, the line-of-sight range of Radacat can reach up to 30km or more in wide-open areas. The more open space, the greater the range will be. Generally, terrains like plains, deserts, and the open beach can allow ranges up to 6km. The transmission range is expected to reach up to 3km in crowded areas like cities, mountains, or forests. However, under situations such as there are buildings or hills between senders and receivers or there is electromagnetic interference, the transmission range may only reach up to hundreds or even dozens of meters. The placement of your device also affects the range. A device hung in a high place in the open air will provide a better range. For example, clipping the Radacat C1 on top of your backpack or to its strap over your shoulder will provide a better range than keeping it in your pocket or cars. Generally speaking, text messages can be transmitted several times farther than voice messages. When voice messages fail to deliver, sending text messages is advised. All product specs are subject to text measurement.