C2 Enhancements


Product Optimization between C2 Messenger and C1 Messenger


  • Comparing to C1, C2 has a GPS module where the device can independently locate, send beacons, and receive location inquiries.
  • Pre-installed and added environmental monitoring sensors for temperature, humidity, barometer, and six-axis sensors.
  • Using an upgraded and the most advanced LORA chip(SX1262), which provides more interfaces, good scalability, and power-saving solution.
  • C2 has extended the radio transmission distance from 4 miles to 6 miles under the ideal environment.
  • Optimized RF antenna matching schema to increase the antenna gain DB.



  • New APP designed for Radacat's products
    • Re-designed Message function
    • Re-designed Tracking function
    • Added Work-mode setting function
  • Improved the power-saving capability
  • Enhanced the Relay function to enable C2 to transmit all messages instead of just private group messages like C1.



  • Optimized the production process
  • Optimized the Ultrasonic process to make the product more delicate, high-standard and higher quality