C2 Messenger FAQ

What is Radacat's C2 Messenger?

Radacat Messenger C2 is a radio communication device that pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth. Messenger C2 allows you to send text messages, real-time locations to other Radacat users when cellular service is unavailable. The radio transmission range depends on the environment. In an open-air environment, the range is up to 6 miles.

Do I need to pay a monthly fee?
No, you do not need to pay any fee.
If there is no service, does C2 Messenger still work?
 The C2 Messenger can work without cell phone service.

Has the FCC approved C2 Messenger?
FCC has approved the C2 Messenger.

What is C2 Messenger's battery life?
The battery lasts around 36 hours under normal service conditions. If you turn off Radacat or Bluetooth on your smartphone when you do not use the service, the battery life can last for weeks or even months.

Is C2 Messenger waterproof?
It's designed to be weatherproof and water-resistant.

Is C2 Messenger dust-tight?

What kind of warranty do you provide?
The C2 Messenger comes with a one-year limited warranty.

What is the radio Tx power of Radacat C2 Messenger?
The radio Tx power of Radacat C2 is less than 1 watt.

What is the working frequency band of C2 Messenger?
Radacat C2 works at 868MHz to 928MHz.

Why does the battery life of cell phones shut down? How to deal with it?
In places where the mobile phone signal is not good, the mobile phone will automatically increase the transmission power to contact the base station, resulting in the mobile phone battery's rapid consumption. You can try to change your phone to airplane mode.

Are the messages encrypted?

The messages are encrypted using AES protocols.
Is there any interoperability with other brand products?
The device can not connect with other brand products.
Is the battery rechargeable? If so, does it come with a charger?
The battery is rechargeable. It comes with a micro-USB cable. There is no charger in the package.
Does Radacat C2 Messenger have a built-in GPS?
What working mode does the device have?
T: As a tracking device, send your own location based on the positioning interval

TC: As a tracking device, it sends its own location according to the positioning time interval, and connects with Bluetooth to send and receive information sent by others.

TCR: As a tracking device, it sends its own location according to the positioning time interval, connects with Bluetooth, can send and receive information sent by others, forward messages for other devices, and expand communication distance.

TR: As a tracking device, it can send its own location according to the positioning time interval, and can forward messages to other devices to expand the communication distance.
What should I do after open the packaging box?
Download and install the RadacatCom APP on your smart phone (available on Google Play and Apple Store).
Open RadacatCom APP and register your own account. Then login your account. Set up you profile(photo, Nickname).
Activate your Radacat C2 devices.
How to activate my Radacat C2 devices?
Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
Press the power button for 3 seconds to power on Radacat C2.
Press " + "on the top-right of "MAP" , or go to " Me "→"My device"→"Add your device"
Scan your device as tips→Device scan successful→Setup device profile(photo, name)
To add more devices do it again.
Tips: Make sure you have data service when you activate your new device.
What is the operating mode? How to setup it?
There are three operating mode like this:

"GPS Tracking"Mode-C2 can send position signal regularly in this mode. C2 works independently

"Tracking and Chat"Mode-C2 can send and receive messages in this mode. C2 is usually used with the APP.

"Relay Station"Mode- C2 can relay all of messages independently.
Note: The first activated C2 defaults to sitting in "Tracking and Chat" mode, after that the activated C2 works in "GPS Tracking" mode by default. 
You can change working mode like this: " Me "→"My device"→Select one C2→"Operating Mode"→Select one mode→confirm
What is the Tracking Interval? How to setup it?
Tracking Interval is interval for sending location signal that when your C2 works in GPS Tracking mode. There are seven options (30sec, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 30min, 60min). Default Tracking Interval is 2min.
You can change "Tracking Interval" like this: " Me "→"My device"→Select one C2→"Tracking Interval"→Select one option→confirm. Please make sure this C2 need connect with your phone via Bluetooth if you want setup this.

Tips: Longer interval means longer battery life.
What is the Share function? How to setup it?
If you want someone see your C2’s location or use your C2, you can use Share function to share your C2 to the person.

" Me "→"My device"→Select one C2→"Share"→Enter the person’s email→ After the person receive the request and confirm it, It works.
Note: Make sure you have data service when you do this setting.
How to add your friend to contacts list?
Go to " Contacts "→" + "→Scan your friend’s QR code→Confirmed by your friend→Successful
How do I chat with my friend(1 to 1)?
Add your friend in "Contacts".
Go to "Contacts"→Select one contact→"Send a message"
How to use the public team?
Go to "Chat"→Select "Public Team"→Chat
Tips: All of guys within your radio coverage will receive your message in the public team.
How do I create a private team?
From the bottombanner choose "Chat" → "+" → "Create team"
Present the QR code to your friendsand have them scan it by going to "Me" → "Scan".

After your friends havefinished scanning, enter your team channel to chat with your team members.

If you were in a private team, click the channel name on the top and click Team QR Code. Present the QR code to your team members and have them scan it by going to "Me" → "Scan".

Or you can enter the chat channel,click the channel name on the top and tap "+" to find other users in public team.
Start to chat with your group.
How do I private talk to someone in a private team?
In a chat team, press "+" → "whisper"→ select contact→chat.
How to send and cancel SOS?
Quickly press power button on C2 device five times. SOS showed on OLED of C2. To cancel send SOS, quickly press power button five times again.
How do I send my current location?
In a chat team, press + → Location Send.
Do I have to change any settings if travel to the EU?
No. The Radacat C2 will automatically change frequency band when you travel to the EU.
How does Radacat C2 work in relay mode?
" Me "→"My device"→Select one C2→"Operating Mode"→Select "Relay Station" mode→confirm

Tip: Consider using a USB battery pack for extra power!  
How do I know if a sent message has been received?
In your 1 to 1 chat or a private team, a blue tick mark will be displayed when the message has been received by your team members.
If a message is not delivered, what should I do?
If a grey question mark is displayed after sending a message, this indicates the message was not delivered to your team members. Try changing your location or raising your Radacat C2 to a higher position and try again.
What should I do if I have problems during use Radacat C2?
Open the RadacatCom APP
Go to MeHelp And Feedback → Feedback
Use the comment form to explain the issue and optionally upload your APP log.

What kind of range should beexpected?
The range of radio transmission is highly affected by the environment. Theoretically speaking, the line-of-sight range of Radacat can go up to 30km or more in extreme open area. The more open space you are at, the greater range you get.
Generally, terrains like plain, desert, open beach can allow ranges up to 6km. Transmission range is expected to go up to 3km in crowded areas like cities, mountains or forest. However, under some circumstances, such as buildings or hills exist between senders and receivers, or electromagnetic interference happens, the transmission range is expected only hundreds or even dozens of meters.
Placement of your device also affects the range. A device hung on a high place in the open air will give you a better range. For example, Clip on top of your backpack or strap on your shoulder will get a better range than keep in your pockets or in the car.
Generally speaking, text messages can be transmitted several times farther than voice. When voice messages fail to reach, sending text will be advised. All product specs are subject to text measurement.