CEO Announcement


    CEO: Sam Liu

    Company: Radacat Technology Canada

    Date: June 15th, 2020



Dear All,

We are more than excited to share this great news to our Radacat Global customers, Partners, Distributors, Retails that our new product - C2 Mini GPS Tracker is Launching this month.

There are many many key features to share with you all, but here we would like to say just one sentence:" It is the BEST and MOST ADVANCED TRACKER in the Off-Grid World."

In next few days, I will be with you all to introduce this product in detail, especially our global partnership program, sales representative plan, Influencer plan and Special promotion plan. We hope you to keep staying with us for more information.

We will promote this product to all Tracker users, PET, SENIOR, KIDS, HIKERS, SKIERS, Bikers, Families. It will be everywhere as your reliable friends.
From now, I am flexible to work with you for any possibilities of cooperation. I am guaranteeing that our sales plans this time can make your GO for the business.
Please keep in mind that C2 Mini GPS Tracker is the BEST in the WORLD, and our Business Plan is the BEST this time as well,


Sam Liu


Radacat Technology Canada