Getting Started - C2 Messenger

Key Tips

Users recommend placing the C2 MINI on backpacks or hanging it on the top zipper. The open environment without cover is preferred.

  • In order to ensure best performance and no interference, do not use C2 MESSENGER directly adjacent to other GPS devices and Radio Products.
  • Make sure APP version and Firmware version are updated to latest ones.
App version: Latest on APPLE STORE or GOOGLE PLAY
App Name: Radacat (There are 3 APPs with “Radacat” in the store, please make sure you select the APP as “Radacat” for downloading )

Step 1: Open the Packaging Box


Step 2: Check this Items in the Box

What should I expect when unboxing the Radacat C2 Messenger?

Radacat C2 Messenger is an all-in-one Off-Grid communicator, When unboxing a Radacat C2 Messenger, this is what you will find: 
  • 2 C2 Messenger GPS Trackers
  • 2 Silicone Cases
  • 2 USB Connection Cables
  • 2 Device straps
  • 1 User Guide


  • Download and install the "Radacat" app on your smartphone (available on Google Play and the APP Store). There are 3 APPs with the "Radacat" Brand. You need to find "Radacat" to pair with C2 Messenger.
  • Open the App and register a new user if it is the 1st time to use "Radacat" APP.
  • Log into your new account.
  • Pair both of your Radacat C2 Messenger devices.

Step 4: Pair Radacat C2 Messenger DEVICES with your APP.

  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds to power on the RADACAT C2 Messenger device. 
  • Go to Settings My Devices → press + to pair your device, and choose Radacat C1 as the product to pair.
  • Do not move the phone away from your RADACAT device during the pairing process.
  • Set up the device profile (photo, name)
Where can I find the app version and firmware version?
App version: Go to Settings → About
Firmware version: Go to Settings → My Devices: The firmware version appears beside the battery charge icon. 

Step 5: Check a Few Things Before Configuring your Radacat Device

  • If the devices are paired to your APP for the first time, please make sure you keep both devices with Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone for 3-5 mins in order to finish the Ephemeris download. This process should be once only.
  • Make sure it's the latest version of firmware. If not, you will see “FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD ICON” that appears beside the battery charge icon on the My Device section of settings. Please click it for downloading.
  • If you are going to use off-grid communication function, you have to pair at least one C2 Messenger device; if you are going to use tracking function, you have to pair at least two C2 Messenger devices.

Step 6: Understand the Functions of C2 Messenger

  • All those functions take effect at the same time. You don't have to set it to make it work. So this step is just to let you know what those functions are and how they work.

6 Key Functions:

 Key Function 1: Messenger

  • Radacat devices can create their own offline networks with each other (based on LPWAN technology). To use the messenger function, you only need to connect one device, and the device can send and receive messages.

Key Function 2: Off-Grid Location Tracking

  • The tracking function can be used for remote emergency help and positioning. The C2 Messenger will periodically send location information through LPWAN technology. After the device owner connects to the device, the location information can be received and displayed on the APP.
  • To use the tracking function, at least two devices need to be bound. One device turns on the Chat function as the receiving device and keeps the connection with the mobile phone while other devices are used as locators to achieve long-distance positioning of over 4 miles, and can also be used for emergency help and positioning of the elderly and children.
  • The device positioning time interval can be adjusted. According to the user's application scenario, the positioning time interval can be selected from 30s to 1 hour.

Key Function 3: Relay

  • The Relay function can extend the communication distance, and the Radcat device can be placed in a strategic position as a relay node to forward messages from other users.

 Key Function 4: EMERGENCY (SOS)

  • Continuously click the device Power button 5, the device will send SOS, and the sent information carries Emergency info. The device status will display SOS, SOS will continue to be sent, and the maximum sending interval is 30 minutes. In SOS state, click the device Power button five times continuously to cancel sending SOS.
  • The SOS message sent by the device will be sent via Bluetooth and Lora. SOS carries 6-hop information. If there is a Relay device nearby, the SOS information will be transmitted very far.
  • The received SOS information is displayed as shown in the figure, including the device owner ID, device ID and emergency info set.
  • For the SOS sent by each device, the App will only send out an alarm sound and a strong reminder when it is received for the first time, as shown in Figure 2-6.
  • After the device sends SOS periodically, the App receives no strong reminder, no sound, and receives the message Emergency group red dot prompt (red dot means unread information)

Key Function 5: Geo-Fence

The tracker device enters and leaves the fence, and the notifications obtained are found in Chats -> Notification.
  • There are three types of fences: 1) Virtual fence, with the current position as the center, the set circular fence, the center point is fixed, only need to set the radius of the fence; 2) You can select any area on the map for the safety fence and click multiple points to form Polygons; 3) Dangerous fences, you can select any area on the map and click multiple points to form a polygon to form a dangerous fence.

Key Function 6: History

  • Historical trajectories are collections of equipment at different times and locations. Radacat APP records the trajectory of each device, saves the latest 7-day historical trajectory, and displays it using a heat map, as shown in Figure 2.8.
  • Each Tracker device will send its location regularly. The time interval for sending location is 2 minutes by default, which can be set in Settings -> My Devices -> GPS Tracking Interval.
  • When the device is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, the device uses the location of the phone; when the device is disconnected from Bluetooth, the device uses the location obtained by GPS. Please make sure that the Tracker device is used in an open outdoor area so that the device can obtain the GPS location.
  • The Tracker's location can be viewed in Settings -> My Devices -> History.


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