Product Introduction - C2 Messenger

RADACAT C2 Messenger


Product Brief Introduction

  • The Radacat C2 Messenger RF chip uses Semtech's most advanced SX1262 to provide more interfaces, good scalability, and a power-saving solution. The MCU serves as the central control and connects to other modules for controlling through I2C, SPI, and IO.
  • The product uses LORA as the connection protocol that is long-distance, wide-area, and power saving. The LORA can transfer all the data from the sensors on C2 Messenger.
  • C2 Messenger adds a GPS module; the device can independently locate, send beacons, and receive location inquiries.
  • C2 Messenger pre-installed and added environmental monitoring sensors for temperature, humidity, barometer, and six-axis sensors.
  • C2 Messenger extends the Radio Transmission distance up to 6 miles under the ideal environment.
  • C2 Messenger optimizes RF antenna matching schema to increase the antenna gain DB.
  • C2 Messenger optimizes the Ultrasonic process to make the product more delicate, high-standard, and higher quality.
  • The product design is waterproofing.
  • The device comes with a silicone sleeve, which is convenient for protection and hanging, and it also increases the waterproof function of the device.
  • The product must be paired with your phones to access Radacat's mobile app for extended functions and use them in scenarios such as:
Emergency communication:

When there is no communication infrastructure or if the communication infrastructure is damaged, emergency communication can be carried out for rescue and emergency assistance.


Travel to off-grid areas or foreign countries, all while keeping in touch with your friends.

Outdoor adventure:

A perfect product for outdoor adventures such as fishing, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and hunting; interact with your friends and make new friends at any time during your adventure.

Crowded network:

Allowing you to maintain a stable connection with your friends in crowded places such as music festivals, football games, bars, marathons, etc.

Remote areas:

Build your own network in remote areas, unpopulated areas, or sparsely populated areas such as temples, mining areas, oil fields, wetlands, and lakes.

Offline real-time positioning:

Used for offline real-time positioning, tracking location at any time, and it can be used for any dynamic items to be located, such as strollers, elderly, children, pets, etc.

Anti-lost items

Place on items that may have a dynamic location that requires relatively long-term attention, such as luggage, valuables, small vehicles, bicycles, etc.

Anti-theft items

Place it on items that need to be burglar-proof. When the device moves, the device will sound an alarm and send a notification to the user.


Other features

  1. Text and Voice using C2 Messenger
  2. C2 Messenger can be used as Gateway to extend Lora packages to longer distance, which is called HOP.


    Product Key Features

    • Tracking anywhere using LORA.
    • No cellular network, satellites, or Wi-Fi needed.
    • No roaming fee when traveling internationally
    • No subscription or ongoing fees
    • Can be used for tracking the location of pets, the elderly, children, livestock, car, valuables, etc
    • Self-Generated Network, Mesh Network
    • Up to 6 miles/9.6km
    • Embedded with a six-axis acceleration sensor
    • Lost and found functionalities with community assist
    • No monthly fee
    • SOS & Search rescue
    • Geo-Fencing
    • Embedded with more sensors for Behavior Monitoring
    • GPS
    • Sending text messages


      Detail Specification


      Radacat C2


      OLED Screen


      BLE 5.0




      Six axis (accelerator) Sensor;



      Power interface

      Micro USB

      RF Power

      less than 1W

      Battery Type

      Lithium Battery




      111*42*16.5 mm


      -20 – 60 Celsius


      868MHz to 928MHz


      up to 6 miles / 9.6 km



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