Product Introduction -- C2 Mini Tracker

Brief Introduction

  • The Radacat C2 Mini RF chip uses Sem1262 from Semtech. MCU uses MediaTek's MT2523G series chip, 208Mhz ARM Cortex-M4, built-in Bluetooth specification 5.0, GNSS, etc. The MCU works as the primary control and connects to other modules for controlling through I2C, SPI, and IO.
  • The product uses LORA as the connection protocol, a long-distance, wide-area, and power saving technology. The LORA can transfer all the data from the sensors on the C2 MINI Tracker.
  • The Radacat C2 Mini Tracker installs the GPS module that can gather the location information and send it to an upper-level gateway. Also, it has a six-axis acceleration sensor embedded.
  • The product has a charging interface of 5V 1A.
  • The product itself is waterproof.
  • The device comes with a silicone sleeve, which is convenient for protection and hanging, and it also increases the waterproof function of the device.
  • The product must be paired with your phones to access Radacat's mobile app for extended functions and use them in scenarios such as:

Emergency communication:

When there is no communication infrastructure, or the communication infrastructure is damaged, emergency communication can be carried out for rescue and emergency assistance.


Travel to off-grid areas or foreign countries and keeping in touch with friends.

Outdoor adventure:

A perfect product for outdoor adventures such as fishing, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and hunting; interacting with your friends and make new friends at any time during your adventure.

Crowded network:

Allowing you to maintain a stable connection with your friends in crowded places such as music festivals, football games, bars, marathons, etc.

Remote areas:

Build your own network in remote areas, unpopulated areas, or sparsely populated areas such as temples, mining areas, oil fields, wetlands, and lakes.

Offline real-time positioning:

Used for offline real-time positioning, tracking location at any time, and it can be used for any dynamic items to be located, such as strollers, elderly, children, pets, etc.

Anti-lost items

Place on items that may have a dynamic location that requires relatively long-term attention, such as luggage, valuables, small vehicles, bicycles, etc.

Anti-theft items

Place it on items that need to be burglar-proof. When the device moves, the device will sound an alarm and send a notification to the user.

Product Key Features

  • Tracking anywhere by using LORA.
  • No cellular network, satellites, or Wi-Fi needed.
  • No roaming fee when going aboard.
  • No subscription or ongoing fees
  • Can be used for tracking the location of pets, the elderly, children, livestock, car, valuables, etc
  • Self-Generated Network, Mesh Network
  • Coverage range up to 6 miles/9.6km
  • Embedded with a six-axis acceleration sensor
  • Lost and found functionalities with community assist
  • No monthly fee

Detail Specification

Product Specifications

Relative Parameter


Bluetooth 5.0




868MHz to 928MHz




Six axis (accelerator) Sensor



Transmitted Power:

Less than 1 W, adjustable by software

Battery Type:





42mm*42mm*18mm or smaller

Operating Temperature:

-20 — 60℃

Operating Range:

up to 6 miles / 9.6 km

Indicator light

3 colors Ring Indicator lights