Sale Representative Plan

Radacat is executing "Sales Representative (Affiliate) Promotion Plan" globally.


Welcome to Join in "C2 Affiliate" Plan!



 1. What is "Radacat Sales Representative (Affiliate) Promotion Plan"?

  Radacat is expecting to build up "Sales Family" to sell "C2 Mini GPS Tracker" for the moment, and other products in the future. 

We are hiring Sales Representative globally with COMMISSION BASE. So, anyone who is loving our products, loving our plan can join in us.


2. How to be "Radacat Sales Representative (Affiliate)"?

 We set the processes EXTREMELY EASY for you as below.

Find our "Promotion Plan" notice (it will be ANYWHERE, Facebook, Insgram, Email, Web site, Youtube ..)  => Tell us You want to Join in (simply go to our "Registration Page" or write email to with your basic information) => Radacat will approve or respond in 2 Business Days => Sign Agreement to secure your Benefit => Start to sell Radacat Products


3. Why this "Promotion Plan" is ATTRACTIVE to you?

 We make it EXTREMELY STRAIGHT-FORWARD. Every our Sale Representative can have BIG AMOUNT of COMMISSION for each sale. We promise the Commission is PERFECT for selling C2 Mini GPS Tracker. 

Radacat guarantees your efforts PAID BACK with HUGE BENEFIT.


 4. What is and How to use the web site of is the web site we call as "Radacat Sales Representative (Affiliate) Family". It is designed for all sales representatives (Affiliate) and the end customers who are introduced by our sales representative. 

The SELLING C2 MINI GPS TRACKER is the biggest task of this web site. Radacat puts the LOWEST PRICE via this web site, which gives our Sales Representative a big advantage to sell our products. 

Share your Sales ID with our customers who can use it for DISCOUNT in this web site.


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