C2 Mini GPS Tracker
(1 Set with 2 Devices)
US Dollar



Radacat C2 Mini GPS Tracker is the MOST ADVANCED Tracker in the world.

It is an off-grid GPS Tracker and communication device that pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth. This device uses latest radio technology that allows you for the typical features

  • Tracking - Extremely comprehensive tracking design for almost all tracking purposes, can be configured as Live tracking, Tracking per demand, Beacon. The coverage can be 6 miles that is the longest tracking distance. If you apply RELAY function, the distance will be doubled.
  • SOS - Device has the button to help you send SOS under emergency, so all Device holders can come for rescue simply.
  • Communication - The devices can setup Texting communication channel simply using Chat function even off-grid.
  • Behavior Monitor - The 6-axix Accelarator sensor helps you monitor the behavir, especially used for Anti-Theft, Fall-down Monitor and etc
  • Off-Grid & Free - No cell service or Wi-Fi required. Create your own network for communication and GPS tracking.
  • Geo-Fence - Support all popular Geo-fence types to keep you safe by using C2 mini tracker.
  • Power-Saving - Radio Transmission, Solution, Algorithm and Software technology make sure C2 Mini is saving power. The battery can take hours to months in terms of your needs.
  • Mesh Network - The Relay function is the base of Mesh network. C2 Mini is also designed for Self-generated Mesh Network.
  • Graceful Design - Perfectly designed. And make the size smaller for easy carry.  


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