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Radacat Technology

Radacat C2 GPS Tracker

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Radacat C2 Mini GPS Tracker is the most advanced tracker in the world. It is an off-grid GPS tracker and communication device, which can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. This device uses advanced radio technology that allows you for the following features:

  • Tracking - Comprehensive tracking design for almost all tracking purposes. It can be configured as Live tracking, Tracking per demand, Beacon. The signal’s coverage is up to 6 miles, which is the longest tracking distance in the world. If you apply the RELAY function, it will double the coverage range.
  • SOS- The device has the button to help users to send SOS under an emergency circumstance so that all the other device users can come to rescue.
  • Communication- Users can set up private chat rooms for communication in an off-grid environment.
  • Behaviour Monitor - The 6-axis accelerometer sensor can help users detect nearby motion, mainly used for anti-theft, fall-down monitors, and other purposes.
  • Off-Grid & Free- No cellular network, satellites or Wi-Fi is required. Users can create their network for communication and GPS tracking.
  • Geo-Fence- Support all popular Geo-fence types to protect users’ safety by using the C2 mini tracker.
  • Power-Saving- Radio Transmission, Solution, Algorithm, and Software technology ensure C2 Mini’s power saving. The battery can last from hours to weeks based on user settings.
  • Mesh Network- C2 Mini is designed for the self-generated Mesh Network, and the Relay function is based on the Mesh Network.
  • Graceful Design- C2 Mini is designed small, which makes it easy for carrying.

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