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Radacat Technology


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The first helium hotspot miner built and designed for pros. Maximize HNT earning potential with the most powerful processor and ram on the market. Configurable enterprise level hardware that supports large farm applications. Get increased stability and reduction in mining losses with fast synchronization with official updates. Ensure high network coverage with an industry leading high-gain antenna.

    • Maximum Performance - Features the most powerful Quad-core Cortex-A72 @1.5GHz processor and configurable up to 8GB of LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM on the market.
    • 3.5/8dbi High-Gain Antenna - 3.5dbi standard antenna or optional industry leading 8dbi high-gain antenna. This means greater network coverage which results in increased HNT earnings.
    • LED Display - Displays IP address & the status of BLE, internet, ethernet, and WiFi.
    • Secure and Stable - 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

What’s included:

  • COTX-X3 Helium Hotspot Miner
  • 32GB Micro SD Card
  • 3.5 or 8dbi High-Gain Antenna
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Cable
  • 12v 2.5A Power Adapter 


COTX-X3 is an indoor hotspot, compatible with the Helium Network. It is a super mini type but with strong performance with Raspberry Pi4 based hardware. It has rich connectors and a display screen to show different working status easily. COTX-X3 has FCC certificate (on US915 Model).


Design Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A72 @1.5GHz
(4G/8G Optional)
Main-board Raspberry Pi 4B
OS Ubuntu20.04
Micro SD Card Slot 1* Micro SD card
(32G capacity as standard configuration)
Ethernet 1* 10/100/1000M interface(RJ-45)
Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5GHz 802.11AC
BLE 1* Bluetooth5.0
BT Button Press and hold on for 5 seconds to turn on Bluetooth
LoRa Antenna 1* External 3.5dBi LoRa antenna, SMA interface
System LED OFF (Non Power) / Blinking (System Bootup) / On (Operating)
LED Display Screen IP address & the status of BLE, Internet, Ethernet and Wi-Fi


FAQ and support: Questions? Call us at 514-578-6982 between 10:00AM and 10:00PM Pacific Time. We are located in Canada. We would love to assist you.

Q: How does it work?
A: Simply plug the device in line with your existing network. Place the antenna as high as possible, preferably near a window with no obstructions for the best performance.

Q: Why choose Radacat?
A: We are the only distributor that is able to ship immediately after you place an order. The current average network earning is 0.15HNT per day. By shipping your hotspot faster than all other hotspot distributors, we ensure that you can start earning right away! The wait time for receiving a Bobcat or Nebra hotspot is generally around 4 months, which means you are missing at least 18HNT! And 18HNT is around 720USD!!

Q: Why should you mine HNT?
A: Since August 2021, the price of HNT has doubled. So far the highest price on record was approximately 56USD per HNT, while HNT was only around 15USD in August 2021! HNT is the cryptocurrency that will be used by major IoT projects. This means that its price will continue to elevate, but HNT supply will decrease over time. It is getting more and more difficult to mine HNT because there is a limited supply of it. Don't miss the chance to earn your HNT. You should not wait for 4 months for a pre-order because you may miss a major part of this crypto mining opportunity. You got to act fast!

Return and refund policy

  • Within 14 days from the original date of purchase,you can enjoy the service of returning or exchanging the product for free after a professional test from our technical support team.
  • Should you wish for a refund or exchange,the product, including the package box and all spare parts inside, must be returned intact in the original condition.
  • After 14 days from the original date of purchase,no return,refund or exchange can be accepted.
  • Should a refund be warranted, the purchase value will be returned in the original form of payment within 14 days.The buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs.
  • All return and exchange requests must be submitted to our customer service team by emailing to .We will require the proof of purchase.Sending a product back without submitting an official request may result in loss or damage of the product.

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