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Radacat GPS Messenger C2 is the WORLD BEST MESSENGER in off-grid environment.a radio communication and build-in GPS tracking device. Can be used as the Meseenge and a tracker by connecting to your mobile phone. This device allows you to use Text messages, real-time locations, SOS to other Radacat C2 users when cellular service is unavailable. It is the BEST MESSENGER in off-grid environment.

* Off-grid Messages

* Location Tracking


* Long distance to 6 miles

* Power-saving

* Mesh Network

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【Build-in GPS】Radacat Messenger C2 has build-in GPS. It can be used independently as a tracker, or be used with a mobile phone APP as a communication device.

【Applications】Radacat C2 is an off-grid outdoor communicating and tracking device specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and their friends and families to experience safe and exciting adventures. Water resistant, weather proof, feel free to take this device for Outdoor, Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Hunting, Wading, Boating, Fishing, Exploration and Olders Safe. You can use it to communicate and track loved ones, or anyone to keep them safe no matter where you are.

【Free to use 】---No Wi-Fi? No service? Fear not, it is here to help you stay in touch. You don’t need phone service, routers, towers or satellites to use our GPS devices. No Monthly Fee, No SIM Card, No Network Required.

【Real-time Location & Text】---Install the Radacat app on your smartphones and you can create your own private 1 to 1 network for texting and GPS tracking. You can share real-time location with team members using this device. Group chats or public emergency broadcasts to all nearby users are available- All without using any smartphone service and data.

【Off-line map and Off-grid tool-】--Radacat Messenger C2 GPS communication device provides free use and download of HD detailed off-line maps for any region in the world which can be serviced in off-grid area. These devices are great for hiking in areas where cell service is unreliable, avoiding costly data plans while traveling internationally, and staying connected in emergency situations when cell service is down.

【Note】--- Power your own network, whenever and wherever you need it. Secure encryption- No central data-store so your private chats are end-to-end encrypted. Distance between two device is up to 4 miles in range. Work with ANDROID & IOS. Sold in pairs(2pack in one package).Free cables and free silicone cases included.

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Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions Still Have Questions?

  • What is the difference between Radacat C2 and Radacat C1?
    Radacat C2 has build-in GPS. It can be used independently as a tracker, or be used with a mobile phone APP as a communication device.
  • Do I need pay a monthly fee?
    No. It is your own private network. You do not need to pay any fee other than the initial cost of purchasing the device.
  • Does Radacat C2 still work if there is no service?
    Yes. Radacat C2 works without cell phone service.
  • What is Radacat C2’s battery life?
    The battery lasts around 36 hours under normal service conditions. If you exit the Radacat APP or disable Bluetooth on your smart phone when you are not using the service, the battery life can last for weeks or even months.
  • Does everyone in my team need a Radacat C2?
    Yes. Everyone in your team needs a Radacat C2.
  • Does everyone in my team need a smart phone?
    No. Radacat C2 can be used independently as a tracker, or be used with a mobile phone APP as a communication device. A phone is required only when you need to communicate with others.


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