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Radacat C2 Messenger Off Grid GPS Tracker Pack 2

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Radacat C2 Messenger is the world's best messenger in the off-grid products’ industry. It is a built-in Mini GPS tracking device that can be used as a messenger and a tracker by connecting to the user’s mobile phone. This device allows users to send and receive text messages, real-time locations, and SOS to other Radacat C2 users even when cellular service is unavailable.

  • Off-grid Messages
  • Location Tracking
  • SOS
  • Coverage range up to 6 miles
  • Power-saving
  • Mesh Network


Product Specifications

Relative Parameter


Bluetooth 5.0




868MHz to 928MHz




Six axis (accelerator) Sensor



Transmitted Power:

Less than 1 W, adjustable by software

Battery Type:





42mm*42mm*18mm or smaller

Operating Temperature:

-20 — 60℃

Operating Range:

up to 6 miles / 9.6 km

Indicator light

3 colors Ring Indicator lights





  • Brief Introduction

    1, The Radacat C2 Mini RF chip uses Sem1262 from Semtech. MCU uses MediaTek's MT2523G series chip, 208Mhz ARM Cortex-M4, built-in Bluetooth specification 5.0, GNSS, etc. The MCUworksas theprimarycontrol and connects to other modules for controlling through I2C, SPI, and IO.

    2, The product uses LORA as the connection protocol,along-distance, wide-area, and power savingtechnology. The LORA can transfer all the data from the sensors ontheC2 MINI Tracker.

    3, The Radacat C2 Mini Tracker installs the GPS module that can gather the location information and send it to an upper-level gateway. Also, it has a six-axis acceleration sensor embedded.

    4, The product has a charging interfaceof5V 1A.

    5, The product itself is waterproof.The device comes with a silicone sleeve, which is convenient for protection and hanging, and it also increases the waterproof function of the device.

    6, product must be paired with your phones to access Radacat's mobile app for extended functions and use them in scenarios such as:

  • Emergency communication

    When there is no communication infrastructure, orthe communication infrastructureisdamaged, emergency communication can be carried out for rescue and emergency assistance.

  • Travel

    Travel to off-grid areas or foreign countries and keeping in touch with friends.

  • Outdoor adventure

    A perfect product for outdoor adventures such as fishing, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and hunting; interacting with your friends and make new friends at any time during your adventure.

  • Crowded network

    Allowing you to maintain a stable connection with your friends in crowded places such as music festivals, football games, bars, marathons, etc.

  • Remote areas

    Build your own network in remote areas, unpopulated areas, or sparsely populated areas such as temples, mining areas, oil fields, wetlands, and lakes.

  • Offline real-time positioning

    Used for offline real-time positioning, tracking location at any time, and it can be used for any dynamic items to be located, such as strollers, elderly, children, pets, etc.

  • Anti-lost items

    Place on items that may have a dynamic location that requires relatively long-term attention, such as luggage, valuables, small vehicles, bicycles, etc.

  • Anti-theft items

    Place it on items that need to be burglar-proof. When the device moves, the device will sound an alarm and send a notification to the user.

  • Product Key Features

    1, Tracking anywherebyusing LORA.

    2, No cellular network, satellites, or Wi-Fi needed.

    3, No roaming fee whengoing aboard.

    4, No subscription or ongoing fees

    5, Can be used for tracking the location of pets, the elderly, children, livestock, car, valuables, etc

    6, Self-Generated Network, Mesh Network

    7, Coverage range upto 6 miles/9.6km

    8, Embedded with a six-axis acceleration sensor

    9, Lost and found functionalities with community assist

    10, No monthly fee

    • Message

      TheC2 Mini can act as a Messenger device that supports "point to point" and "group chat" by textingunderan off-grid environment.

    • Live Tracking

      When your mobile phone is connected totheC2 Mini Master via Bluetooth,userscan lively track the paired Tracker within transmission distance.

    • Beacon

      The paired Tracker can send location information to the Master Device ataconfigured interval.

    • Location On Demand

      The Master device won't receive any location information unless it demandsthe informationfrom the Tracker.

    • Relay

      Usingthe Relay function, thecoverage rangeof C2 Minicanbe doubled or tripled.

    • 6-Level Alarm

      There is a six-axis accelerator sensor embedded to make the C2 Mini sensitive to motions.

    • Tracking Location

      Comprehensive tracking design for almost all tracking purposes.Itcan be configured as Live tracking, Tracking per demand, Beacon. The signal’s coverageis up to6 miles, which is the longest tracking distancein the world. If you apply the RELAY function, it will double thecoverage range.

    • Off-Grid & Free

      No cellular network, satellites or Wi-Fi is required. Users can create their own network for communication and GPS tracking.

    • SOS

      The device has the button to help users to send SOS under an emergency circumstance so that all the other device users can come to rescue.

    • Communication

      Users can set up private chat rooms for communication in an off-grid environment.

    • Geo-Fence

      Support all popular Geo-fence types to protect users’ safety by using the C2 mini tracker.

    • Motion Monitor

      The 6-axis accelerometer sensor helpsusers todetect nearby motion, mainly used for anti-theft, fall-down monitor, and other purposes.

    • Mesh Network

      C2 Mini is designed for the self-generated Mesh Network, andthe Relay function is based on the Mesh Network.

    • Power-Saving

      Radio Transmission, Solution, Algorithm, and Software technology ensure C2 Mini’s power saving. The battery can last from hours to months based on users using.

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